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By combining high quality products and certified installation experts, KCSI Construction provides a beautiful finish to your home that will sustain for a lifetime. We can install any type of siding you require and are able to work with a variety of manufacturers and materials.

Today’s siding material offers you three big benefits:

  • It increases your home’s energy efficiency
  • It improve your home’s curb appeal
  • It raises your home’s value

It’s not surprising that the only trouble you might run into with today’s siding materials is improper installation. Many contractors still use unskilled laborers, which is why 90% of problems can be traced back to installers. While today’s siding is not hard to install, there are many things one needs to know to do a professional job. Our crews have years of experience with residential siding, an important factor when you make your final choice of contractors.

Types of siding and substrate preparation you can choose from:

Siding Services:
Insulated Vinyl
Fiber Cement
Engineered Wood

KCSI Construction
Vinyl siding is prolific in the building industry. Vinyl is generally the least costly of the many siding alternatives available to home owners. Like any new siding installation, vinyl can enhance the elegance, beauty and energy-efficiency of your home. A valuable benefit of vinyl is the lack of or low level of periodic maintenance that wood, and fiber cement siding demands. It is durable and will not rot, peel or dent, providing you with a maintenance free, cost efficient solution to your siding needs. All of our vinyl siding products are approved by the Vinyl Siding Institute.


Aluminum siding was the first viable maintenance free siding, widely installed. Like vinyl it is extruded in long planks that fit easily together. It is more difficult to handle than vinyl and can be dented, scratched and marred during handling of the product prior to and during installation. Once installed, however, it is sturdy and long lasting.

You should maintain your aluminum siding by annually hosing it off and by cleaning any surface stains, such as grass stains, with a non-abrasive cleaner. When needed, you should refinish it with a paint recommended by the manufacturer. Unlike wood, it won't rot or burn, and it is impervious to termites. It's different from vinyl, in that it won't blister, but in certain climates it can corrode.

Although aluminum siding is still widely distributed, it has become somewhat obsolete due to the price savings and additional qualities available with vinyl siding products.

Generally, KCSI installs aluminum siding to match existing siding during remodeling operations. The following links will show you the most widely available aluminum products installed by KCSI


Insulated VinylKCSI Construction
Insulated vinyl has the low maintenance and wide variety of standard vinyl, along with the added value of insulation.  Typically, our insulated panels provide a resistence value between 3 and 4 (R-3, and R-4). This along with new vinyl replacement windows, and Tyvek Home Wrap will provide noticeable savings on utility bills. Some manufacturers have suggested that savings of up to 30 or more percent are possible when installing insulated vinyl along with new high efficiency windows, on homes with very poor existing insulation and single pane glass.

KCSI Construction
Polypropylene siding is an upgrade to standard vinyl with the added “green” feature of not being manufactured with PVC. Benefits of this material include more than double the thickness of standard vinyl panels, through the matrix color, and lifetime warranties from most manufacturers. This materials is often considered “Ultra Premium” and provides a great custom look for your home.


Fiber Cement  
KCSI Construction
Fiber cement siding provides a low maintenance option for those who prefer the more traditional appearance of wood siding. Unlike wood siding, fiber cement will resist rotting, cracking, and damage from the elements or impact. It is an excellent choice for homeowners who are concerned with moisture or potential termite damage. It can be installed in a variety of colors options, or it can be painted soon after installation.
KCSI Construction
Although fiber cement is not considered maintenance free, like vinyl and aluminum, it is substantially less maintenance than wood. Fiber cement is a manufactured product consisting of portland cement and natural fibers.   The siding tends to be uniform across the substrate allowing for an “even soak” when painting. This translates into a better paint to substrate bond and a longer lasting finish; thus the term “low maintenance”.  
KCSI Construction
KCSI specializes in fiber cement and wood siding installation. This is another aspect to our company that we feel separates our firm from the pack.

WoodKCSI Construction
Made primarily of treated pine, cedar and redwood, wood siding comes in a variety of styles and sizes. Choose from beveled planks, milled planks, shakes and shingles, all of which are tried and true products. For more information visit Western Red Cedar Lumber Association's web site at www.wrcla.org.  

KCSI has tremendous experience installing wood products on upscale remodel projects. Again, wood and fiber cement products require a skill set that is beyond the normal siding company who specialize in vinyl and aluminum. Carpentry skills and product knowledge are an absolute requirement when installing expensive wood siding products.

Engineered WoodKCSI Construction
Engineered wood siding is the perfect option for homeowners that want the natural beauty of solid wood siding, at a lower budget. This product is specifically designed to eliminate natural variations that are found in wood siding, to resist deterioration and to be cost effective for homeowners during and after installation.
Along with the necessary vapor barrier KCSI always installs as part of any siding job, we highly suggests entertaining the idea of adding insulation to your home. Siding replacement often requires the removal of existing siding systems.  Adding insulation, even with values of R1 or R2, can provide a noticeable reduction in energy bills. Your home will be able to keep a more constant temperature throughout the year with this added insulation. Additionally, insulation can act as a sound absorber and barrier, minimizing outside noises. KCSI offers a variety of insulation products when installing a new siding system, including Fullback Insulation, Owens Corning and Greenguard.

Trim  KCSI Construction
Decorative accents can add interest to any home. KCSI installs a variety of products to fit any existing architecture.  Often when switching to fiber cement or wood from vinyl, aluminum, or T1-11 siding, new trim is required to terminate your new siding. KCSI’s experience can help you make important decissions concerning these important details.

Vinyl Cladding

We offer vinyl cladding that will resist moisture, temperature change, UV light and insects better than traditional wood trim. Vinyl cladding increases the durability of the trim on your home, in addition to minimizing the maintenance required to keep your home looking its best.

Cellular PVC
Cellular PVC, a solid extruded material, has added benefits of low thermal expansion and it is low-maintenance. There are a variety of styles and colors that can be matched to complement the siding on your home. Ask our Project Consultants for more information about Azek, Koma, and Kleer Trimboards.

Fiber Cement Trim
Fiber cement trim is another durable product that is resistant to many of the issues that homeowners come across with their existing trim. Fiber cement trim is engineered to resist rotting, cracking and warping, as well as termites and mildew. This product is good for areas that experience a range of seasons and temperature changes. As with any new product, this product does have certain limitations. Consult KCSI to determine what applications are best for you and this product.

Vinyl Clad Wood

Vinyl clad wood can be used around window and doors to accent the aesthetic of your home. Since the exterior holds the same properties as vinyl trim, homeowners will never need to paint and it will resist chipping, cracking and peeling.

Moreover, we can suggest other alternatives, including replacing and refurbishing your natural wood siding. Call us for more information.
  • Certainteed
  • Mastic
  • Heartland
  • Crane
  • Alside
  • Reynolds
  • Norandex
  • Gentech
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